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Searching for video marketing company Sussex or video production company Sussex? You’re in the right place. We offer a unique video production and marketing service that connects businesses with customers. Engaging videos, expertly produced and promoted in all the right places, to give your business a significant competitive edge.

By 2018 more than 80% of all internet traffic will be driven by video.

59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video.

Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from Search Engine Results.

Isn’t it time your business gained the unfair advantage over your competition?

The Video Production & Marketing company that connects businesses with new customers.

Megatrend Media is a video production & video marketing company based in East Sussex, serving small and medium-sized businesses across the South East.

We believe video production is just one piece of the puzzle. Unlocking its full potential requires inteligent optimization and targeted distribution. Our Video Marketing Service connects businesses with new customers, through relevant and informative videos that build trust and confidence in your brand – leading to profitable customer action.

Video Marketing Company Sussex | Video Production services for the South East

What we do

Everything we do centres around video production and video marketing services for business applications.
VIDEO / MULTI-MEDIA PRODUCTION – for Communicating, Promoting, Training, Explaining & Motivating.
VIDEO MARKETING – Attracting target audiences with authoritative multi-media content, selectively & consistently distributed.

INTERACTIVE VIDEO – Delivering personalised video content in real time, for unique user experiences.

Video Production

Working with businesses and brands to create engaging video content, from concept design and scriptwriting to filming, editing and distribution.


Video Marketing

Connecting business with new customers, with video SEO and video content marketing strategies. Subscription based content creation & promotion.


Interactive Video

Our Interactive Video solutions enable your website to show personalised video content in real time, resulting in unique user experiences.


“I was immediately sold on the idea of using Megatrend Media to produce our company video when [they] explained the process of not just making a film but understanding the business client market and how to best target new clients… When you buy into the Megatrend model you buy into a tailored solution to best target customers and ultimately sales … you will be really surprised with the effectiveness and professionalism of your media project.”Jim Christy ~ Director, Hastings Business Operations Ltd.
Video Marketing Company in Sussex | Video Production services for the South East

Video Production & Video Marketing Company Sussex & South East

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