Who are we?

We are Megatrend Media – a digital content creation company providing professional video production, podcast recording, and creative writing.
We create high-quality video, audio, and written content to engage your target audience by getting you seen, heard, read, listened to and watched.

Mike Page is the creative director and founder of Megatrend Media and comes from a background in IT solutions, digital marketing and media production. As a dedicated autodidact, he continues to hone his skills as a writer, producer, and documentary filmmaker. Since 2005 Mike has written over 3,000 articles, white papers, e-books and film scripts. In addition, he has produced numerous corporate and promotional videos and several documentary films.

Mike’s insatiable curiosity and eagerness to cover environmental, economic, and social issues have led to video interviews with high-profile politicians, business leaders and human rights groups.

Megatrend Media adopts a modern, agile business model with low overheads, allowing the company to offer competitive rates while maintaining high standards of media production.

Mike Page CEO Megatrend Media Ltd

Creating Great Digital Content Since 2008

Our fascination with how we communicate our ideas, knowledge, thoughts, and feelings drives us to produce content that resonates with target audiences.

Driven by a passion for telling stories that make people stop and think, change their opinion, or alter their perceptions, we continually hone our creative skills to produce first-rate visual, audible and written content.

How do we approach video production for SME organisations?
Watch this video as Mike answers this frequently asked question.

Meticulous Research
+ Creative Skills
= Authoritative Content

We believe every content creation project should begin with a pre-production phase – whether it’s written content, a video production, or a podcast series. Our Client Discovery process gives us a clear understanding of your organisation, product, target audience, and objectives for the content we create for you. The information we gather helps us plan the production work and stay focused and on track whilst avoiding excessive toing and froing.