Conference, Theatre & Event Filming

When you are planning a live event, such as a conference, awards banquet, or theatre performance, this is a great opportunity to capture some truly memorable video content. We can film your entire event with two or more cameras, to ensure the best possible coverage. We can edit the resulting footage to create either a 3-4 minute highlights video, or the entire programme.

Consultation & Planning

We offer a pre-production consultation to help get the best from your event coverage. This normally includes a site visit to the venue to arrange camera positions as well as any technical requirements, such as live feeds from the sound desk etc.

Capturing the Action

We use broadcast quality HD video cameras to capture every moment of your event, including interviews with delegates, guests and speakers, plus stunning shots of your event’s venue or location. Steadycam operator also available.

Theatre Production Filming

You're rehearsing and perfecting your show - and the opening night is looming large. You suddenly realise that you should have the show filmed. Don't panic, help is at hand. We have filmed and produced full-length feature videos of theatre performances, both amateur and professional. From school productions at Eastbourne's Winter Garden theatre, to a professional 'west-end' show at the Assemby Hall in Tunbridge Wells. Let us capture your show with a stunning video, to showcase and preserve your hard work.
Filming a theatre performance requires more than simply pointing a camera and hitting the record button. Careful planning is essential to really do your show justice.

We'll ask you for a script and also attend a dress rehearsal, so that we can plan our coverage of your show. We'll also consult with the theatre's crew to arrange camera positions and live feeds from the sound desk. Each camera operator is fully briefed in advance, and will often receive instructions via talkback headsets whilst filming.