Imagine what's possible...

Intelligent Interactive Video
~ A Unique Online Experience ~

Imagine if your website visitors or web portal users could interact with personalised video content, automatically, in real time. We create intelligent interactive video solutions for unique online experiences and deeper engagement.
How could this impact your business?

Interactive videos featuring clickable objects have been around for years. Frankly, that’s nothing new.
But with our Interactive Video Production solutions you get a lot more than just a few ‘hotspots’ to click on.
We have blended our video production skills with advanced web technologies, to deliver custom-made solutions that take online video to a whole new level. Here are just a few examples of what our Interactive Video solutions can acheive:

☑ Explain a complex product or service, whilst answering questions and pre-qualifying prospective customers
☑ Provide personalised education and training, with in-programme assessment and certification
☑ Simplify complex online form-filling processes, with contextual guidance delivered by a real presenter
☑ Achieve deeper levels of engagement, as visitors /users interact and respond to calls to action.
☑ Virtual presenters who speak to visitors in their own language – for organisations with an international market or audience
☑ Simple integration with your existing portal application via our API (no need to directly access your data sources)
☑ Virtual presenter can appear anywhere on a web page (not confined to traditional-type video player)

INTELIGENT INTERACTIVE VIDEO IS HERE – and early adopters stand to gain a significant competitive edge.

Case Study : Aon

Our client, Portus Consulting, now part of Aon, is a leading provider of online flexible benefits and employee benefit programmes. The company helps employees to plan for retirement, via a web portal application that generates a personalised financial plan for their pensions, investments and future income needs. Megatrend Media was commissioned to create an interactive video solution featuring a presenter who guides each user through their own unique financial planning journey.

The presenter, or virtual assistant begins by explaining what information needs to be entered into various forms – and once the inputting is completed, the user’s financial plan is revealed. The presenter then explains the personalised financial illustrations and talks the user through any anomalies that could impact the user’s future income or investments. Finally, the presenter explains which values to amend, in order to change the outcome.

Aon’s users receive a helpful and engaging online experience, as our solution explains and simplifies the task of entering data, whilst keeping the user focused on completing the process.

“It quickly became obvious that Megatrend’s Interactive Video Solution could take our financial planning portal to a whole new level. Our clients now enjoy a highly personalised online experience, with a real presenter to guide them through the entire process. The Megatrend Media team demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs, as well as outstanding video production and software development skills.”Steve Watson - Aon

IMAGINE… if your web portal application could provide each user with their own unique online experience, by showing them relevant, personalized video content in real time.   And what if your users could interact with a real presenter, by making selections, sharing information and responding to calls to action?   With Interactive Video the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

SALES PRESENTATIONS can take on a whole new dimension as relevant content is presented to each visitor based on their specific needs or interests.  By harnessing the experience of your best sales people, our ‘smart video’ technology can pre-qualify sales leads generated by your virtual presenter, then forward the details to your sales team to follow-up. This could mean higher conversion rates and shorter sales cycles, as personalised presentations are given to your website visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

INTERACTIVE TRAINING can provide a personalized learning experience based on the specific needs of each learner. Knowledge retention can be measured as the presenter (or ‘virtual trainer’) guides each learner through the training content and test questions.  Learners’ responses are used to trigger relevant video content such as; additional help with a particular question or topic, the presenter announcing test results to learners and HR, and even issuing Pass Certificates’.

Whatever the application, an Interactive Video solutions can use your visitors’ interactions to deliver relevant, personalised content in real time. And the great news is that we can enhance virtually any website or web portal application with interactive video content, without complicated integration issues. Why not talk to us about enhancing your website or portal app with an interactive video production.
– or should we say, Interactive Video Solution.