Podcast production - audio recording & editing from

Poor sound quality can be a big distraction. It makes it impossible for your listener to focus on your message if you sound like you recorded your podcast in your garage. Or, maybe you didn’t notice someone clicking a pen or crushing their empty water bottle. Believe it or not – this does happen! However, Megatrend Media can deliver the crisp, clean sound you need to keep your audience engaged with a professionally produced podcast. 
We can record your podcast on-site or remotely from our studio. We have the technology!

Our Audio & Podcast Production Process

Podcast - Pre-production



  • Purpose & goals
  • Series or one-off
  • Budget & scope
  • Target audience
  • Scripted or informal
  • Remote participants
  • Remote recording setup
Podcast Production UK by



  • Setup local and
    remote participants
  • Sound checks
  • Record episode
  • Intro & welcome
  • Record ‘meat & potatoes’
  • Outro & CTA
Post production process -



  • Intro/outro music
  • Truncate silences
  • Remove Um’s & Ah’s
  • Ads/other segments
  • Noise reduction
  • Levels & Equalization
  • Export to MP3/WAV/AAC
Podcast Distribution UK by



  • Imagery & branding
  • Create SEO Metadata
  • Upload to media hosts
  • RSS feed subscribers
  • Embed on website
  • Share on social media
  • Promote episode

Example: Budget Podcast

by Data Privacy Client | Produced by Megatrend Media

Example: Premium Podcast

by Technology Company | Produced by Megatrend Media