Who we are ~ What we do

Megatrend Media is a full service video production & marketing agency. Scalable, multi-skilled, creative and results-driven.
We connect businesses with customers, with engaging video content, expertly produced and promoted in all the right places.

Clients across all sectors come to us for three main reasons:
1) Our unique approach to promoting a business with video content that communicates powerful messages.
2) Access to high quality video production + intelligent digital marketing that gets results.
3) A flexible & cost effective service that can deliver a significant competitive edge.

With solid experience in business development, multimedia production and advanced digital marketing,
we’re pushing the boundaries of innovation that supports business growth.




Business Strategist


Camera Operator


Production Support

“I was immediately sold on the idea of using Megatrend Media to produce our company videos when Mike Page explained the process of not just making a film but understanding the business client market and how to best target new clients. Mike has an extensive Senior Management business background and fully understands the everyday issues facing businesses. When you buy into the Megatrend model you buy into a tailored solution to best target customers and ultimately sales.”Jim Christy ~ Director. Hastings Business Operations Ltd

Video Production Company

We work with businesses and brands to create engaging video content, from concept design and scriptwriting to filming, editing and distribution. Promotional videos, training films, corporate communications, case study videos, documentary and live event coverage - plus green screen filming for studio news programmes and corporate interviews.


Video Marketing Agency

Promoting your video content is an essential, yet often neglected part of the production process. Video is now the preferred medium for information consumption, so it's more important than ever to partner with a video marketing specialist who knows how to promote your videos effectively and get them seen by your target audience.


Interactive Video

Megatrend Media's Interactive Video Solution (MIVS) brings new innovative ways to utilize video content. MIVS delivers relevant, personalized content in real time based on the responses and interactions of website visitors and portal users, providing unique online experiences with heightened engagement.


Digital Content Creation

We create digital content for all applications, whether it's a promotional video, training film, event coverage, product overview, documentary, podcast or news programme. We are highly skilled in media production, digital marketing and smart business technologies that deliver results.


Video production & marketing ~ Why choose us?

1We're meticulous about how you come across to your target audience. We work hard to create video content that builds trust and confidence in your products & services, your people, and your brand.

2 We bring fresh, unique ideas to deliver the results you want. We're constantly seeking smarter, more creative ways of doing things, which we recommend when we think they can "move the needle" on your business.

3Our unique mix of video production & advanced digital marketing skills, plus solid business development experience, enables us to deliver solutions that help to advance your business goals.

“I have partnered with the Megatrend Media team on a broad range of video projects over the past years.
They have taken the time to understand our business and apply fresh creative ideas to communicate our message clearly and effectively to our target audience. Megatrend Media has been key to our success at Percipience.”
Peter Borner, Founder and Managing Partner, Percipience llp