Since 2005 we have continually honed our skills in video production. We apply various filming and editing techniques to tell a story, communicate a message, educate and train, or record an event. We’re passionate about telling stories, and engaging viewers with video content that makes people stop and think, change their opinion or alter their perceptions.

Professional video production is a 3-phase process:

Pre production process -

1) Pre production

Define purpose, strategy & goals
Identify the target audience
Tone & feel of the video
Crew/equipment needs
Filming locations
Agree project timeline

Production process -

2) Production

Conduct risk assessment
Setup cameras/lighting/sound
Sound check, lights, exposure
Shoot interviews
Opportune shots
Record voiceovers
Shoot B-roll footage

Post production process -

3) Post production

Produce the story
Select licensed music
Video editing
Create motion graphics
Review & approve
Colour grading
Encoding & Delivery


Mike Page presents the impending impact of new data privacy laws on businesses and organisations across the UK. With the General Data Privacy Regulation looming large, there is a requirement to comply with a raft of new responsibilities and potential penalties.


Excerpt from ‘The Interviews’ series. In this video, Mike, wearing his video journalist’s hat, interviews Amber Rudd – former Home Secretary and MP for Hastings and Rye. A three-camera shoot. Cameras operated by Alan McCormick. Edited and produced by Mike Page.


Shot, edited and presented by Mike Page, this is the story of the restoration of a 150-year-old Sussex post mill. Filming took almost two years, while a team of craftsmen set about returning this ancient windmill to its former glory. Patiently shot, edited and produced by Mike Page.


A 30-second stinger, in which our client talks about the trend towards migrating IT functions to the cloud.

MINI-DOC FILM (7 Minutes)

Mike’s first mini-documentary (2010). This 7-minute short portrays the challenges and angst of a working artist, who relentlessly toils with brushes and oils while articulating some of his frustrations and gripes.


A 20-minute film promoting the work of children’s charity Rockinghorse. Filming took place at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital and respite centres across Sussex. Featuring newscaster and journalist Nicholas Owen.


A Promotional video for an Eastbourne-based  property management company; with testimonials from businesses renting office space. Shot, edited and produced by Mike Page.


A promotional video for a superb Italian restaurant. Shot, edited and produced by Mike Page.