Does your promotional video inspire confidence?

Does your video inspire confidence?

…or it is just another “Buy Our Stuff!” TV advert?
Should your promotional video imitate a TV advert? Do you remember that rather cringe-worthy “ISA ISA Baby” commercial for a certain well known building society? – a poorly conceived pun promoting a rather boring product, played out by a cast who were probably wishing the earth would swallow them up! Or how about the extremely irritating double-glazing advert, featuring an equally irritating character, cloaked in some kind of judicial outfit, yelling “you buy one – you get one free!” at the top of his voice? Doesn’t it make you cringe when you remember these commercials?

The sad fact is that many online promotional videos are merely extended versions of bad TV commercials that contain wild claims of product efficacy, with the obligatory and barely readable disclaimer at the bottom of the screen, shouting at us from our TVs in a poor attempt at provoking a buying decision. The problem is that many viewers ‘tune-out’ of these adverts, or go and put the kettle on. So, why try to imitate this communication style in your promotional video?

As consumers, most of us are aware that our buying habits are changing. We are becoming increasingly resistant to these “Buy-Our-Stuff!” messages that yell at us, commanding us to come running, credit card in hand. Yes, we want to be informed about products and services that can make life easier – and sometimes it’s nice to be entertained in the process. But our buying decisions are also based on trust and confidence in a brand.

Increasingly, our clients are attracted by the idea of a promotional videos produced in the style of a short news programme or ‘infomercial’. We have found that this approach provides a more informative viewing experience for potential customers. A professional presenter can communicate your message with authority and credibility, helping to building trust in your brand. Customer testimonials can also be included to provide validation of product quality and customer service.