Small Business Video Production

Small business video production and video production for small businesses are search terms that often appear in website traffic analytics. This suggests a belief that the size of a company determines the production approach. However, our video production approach is not influenced by the size of a company’s workforce or the scale of it’s service provision. Larger companies may also have more products, or have several sites, but our approach is consistent, irrespective of these factors.  Interestingly, it’s noticeable that the larger the company, the greater the number of stakeholders involved in decision making. This, ahem, usually results in prolonged discussions and delays in the video production process.

We have produced videos for all sizes of business. From home-based sole proprietors, to large multi-national corporations. So far, I have found no reason why a small business video can’t be approached in the same way as a corporate video for a large organisation. In most cases, our narrative-driven approach replaces the traditional script. A script works well if you are a professional presenter. However, this is not the case with 99.9% of small to medium sized business owners. So, what we do is interview business owners and/or their key members of staff. The interview is relaxed and very conversational. It enables us to not only capture the story of the business, but also the values that drive good customer service. It also shows the passion of the people in the business. We then edit down all the best parts and add shots of the things talked about during the interview.

The result is a seamless story that comes across as real and very sincere. It’s not a presenter reading a script and it’s not a lot of marketing hype. We have found that this approach really helps to build confidence and trust in the client’s product, their people and their brand.

The most rewarding aspect of a small business video production is seeing the results of a successful video marketing strategy for our client. This is where we not only produce the client’s video content, but more importantly, promote the videos on various video content platforms. This requires deep research into the client’s target market, competition and keywords, so that the videos can be properly optimised.  This is essential for ensuring that the videos will be found, based on the search terms used by the client’s target audience.

A small business video production can be just as effective as a large company corporate video, when the right approach and skills in video marketing are deployed.