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Video Content Rules!

It might be obvious to say that we’re living in the Digital Age.  But when almost 30% of businesses in the UK still don’t even have a website, let alone video content, it seems some people should be reminded of this fact!  Yellow Pages says nine out of every ten consumers now search for products and services on the Internet.  But did you also know that nine out of ten people LEAVE a website in less than 4 seconds?  And visitors who stay usually only linger for an average 40 seconds?

Okay, here’s another “pretty obvious” statement.  Just case you haven’t realised, the Internet is now predominantly video‐driven. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Web.  The reason for this phenomenon is quite simple.  Most people prefer to watch something, than read. So, if you don’t yet have informative and engaging video content on your website, you are missing out on a significant number of enquiries for your product or service.

Including video content on your website increases the number of new potential customers by a factor of SIX!  That’s right, by including video content on your website you could see  more casual visitors turned into paying customers. (Forrester Research.)  A well produced promotional video, or customer testimonial video can compliment your other marketing activities and dramatically increase sales enquiries.

If you’d like to make more people aware of your products, support your charity, or subscribe to your newsletter, it’s important to create a feeling of connection, need, or desire. And no other medium engages with people like video.  This is precisely why television, and now online video content rank top, as the most effective marketing tool.  You can demonstrate exactly what you do and how you do it, by communicating entertaining messages to your target audience.  Your video content can easily be promoted on video hosting sites, social media, and of course, your own website.

Despite the abundance of online video, less than 12% of businesses include any web video content.  Are you one of those 12%?  If not, you are being out-marketed by your competitors.  They are already one-step ahead of you by using video to attract and engage new customers.  And that means you are quite probably losing sales.

So, let’s recap.  When a well produced video plays on your website, FOUR TIMES as many visitors will not only stay, but they will stay longer.  Instead of leaving in 40 seconds or less, they stay for an average of around 5 MINUTES.  And it get’s even better than that.  Your website is FIFTY TIMES more likely to be ranked on the first page of Google listings when it contains video.

Video is really paying off for businesses and organizations of all kinds.  Having a professionally produced promotional video has never been more affordable.  Of course, in addition to marketing, there are many other applications where web video content can deliver significant benefits to businesses.  For example;

  • Staff Training / Employee Induction: Arrange to have training sessions filmed, to make them accessible across your company’s network.  This reduces the need for live training every time a new employee joins your company.
  • Product Demonstration Videos:  Provide instructional, or “How-to” videos for your products.
  • Customer Testimonials: Adding short testimonials featuring happy clients on your website increases your credibility.  They also provide validation of the quality of your products and customer care.

Product demonstrations, sales presentations, news updates, customer testimonials ….the list is endless.  But in order to achieve a successful production, it’s vitally important to plan carefully, know exactly what you want – and engage a competent and experienced producer.

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