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Video Marketing: Cultivating trust – or just another sales pitch?

Video marketing is a mystery to some, a black art to others. So, what IS effective video marketing?

We live in a world where information is dominated by video. And, with attention spans decreasing, consumers now prefer to watch a video, than read a page of text. This phenomenon represents a radical shift in our information consumption habits.

Consumers and executives expect to see video content when they visit a website. But for video to be an effective marketing tool, it must communicate the right message to the right audience. Now, the internet is awash with “Buy our stuff” videos, rather like the majority of TV advertising. Now, I’m not saying this is always a bad thing. After all, if the record £6bn spent on Christmas TV ads is anything to go by, something must be working for big brands, with equally large budgets.

However, while these types of videos evidently work for established household brands, small, lesser-known businesses with smaller pockets must work harder to build a comparable level of trust and confidence with prospective customers. So, how can this be achieved?

Video has become a vital part of the marketing mix for businesses of all sizes. More companies are launching video marketing campaigns and many are achieving some success as a result. However, the common misconception that a single promotional video will suffice, is like expecting a poster on a tree in the middle of a forest to instantly generate a rush of enquiries.

Slowly slowly, catchy monkey

Successful video marketing takes time, plus a more subtle approach than the archetypal sales video. Rather than focusing on the sale, the primary goal should be to demonstrate knowledge and expertise within your particular profession, industry, or niche. You see, the internet has empowered people to ask questions. So, your video content needs to provide answers to the questions your target market is ‘asking’ when searching online. If your video content fails to appear based on the search terms being used, then it’s unlikely it will ever be seen by prospective buyers.

As more of your videos are consumed by people searching for information relating to your product or service, you are effectively demonstrating credibility and values. People begin to recognise your company as an authority – the “Go-To” people within your marketplace.

Businesses that embrace video as part of their marketing strategy stand to gain a significant competitive edge. By taking a strategic approach with intelligently planned content and selective distribution, you can build confidence and trust in your product, your people and your brand, which leads to profitable customer action.