know your audience

Know Your Audience

Knowing who your audience is the first thing to consider when planning a promotional video production. Is your message aimed at a specific demographic group? Are your ideal customers local – or global? Will you need subtitles, or even different language options? What should be the tone of your message? It needs to be both appropriate, as well as appealing to your target audience. Should your video come across as sincere? …humorous? …casual …professional? If you know your audience well enough, you stand a better chance of crafting a meaningful message that will resonate.

You may have a mixed audience representing different types of potential customers, such as Retail as well as Trade customers. If this is the case, consider how your conversation with a Retail customer might differ to that of a Trade customer. This can help to determine the kind of ‘language’ to use in your video, for example, the amount of technical detail to include. If you sell products to trade clients requiring technical information, as well as retail customers, it might be worth considering producing two versions of your video. In cases such as this, we offer Interactive Video production, whereby each viewer can select the video segments they want to watch.

Finally, are you targeting a particular demographic? Age, Gender, Income, Geographical Area?

When you’re planning a Promotional Video, it’s helpful to think of your video as  a communication tool designed to attract new customers, so it’s important to make your target audience feel that you are communicating directly with them, rather than merely broadcasting a passive television commercial. This is where a professional presenter can add a ‘personal touch’ by speaking directly to the viewer, whilst explaining  your product, interviewing satisfied customers, or encouraging a direct response.

Do you know your audience well?

Your target audience should always be the focal point of any video production. Knowing your audience sufficiently well will help you to decide on the most appropriate communication style for your message, as well as a suitable choice of the personalities who will appear in the video.

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