video production script

Video Production Script

The Video Production Script is the “Route Map” for your corporate video. It is just as important as a script for a feature film. Why?.. because it helps to ensure that you get a video production you can be proud of. It also requires a great deal more skill than you would find in someone who is simply a keen amateur!

You have probably seen on YouTube and even on business websites, various attempts to make a video “on the cheap”. Either by an employee with a smart phone, or with a consumer camcorder. The resulting videos are usually embarrassingly poor.  They can even cause harm to the brand.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Even big‐budget TV commercials, containing stunning images end up with the message being completely lost due to a weak script. On the other hand, you may have seen low‐budget films with powerful messages, expertly communicated. And yet the visuals are quite basic.  Yes, every production should be properly planned and scripted ‐ before the cameras come out.

When you engage a professional video production company, they will normally provide a “treatment”. This basically is a conceptual outline of your requirements and the producer’s ideas. Upon your approval of the treatment, a video production script and storyboard will often follow. Storyboarding is a separate process that puts the proposed visuals into the script. It should be something that all parties can understand.  It can include small details such as; where you might need captions and graphics, to a full list of shot sizes, dialogue and camera positions.  It can be simple or quite complex depending upon the type and length of your video production.

The perfect script?

If there’s such a thing as “the perfect script”, it’s one where your audience keeps watching and listening. Why? Simply because you’ve engaged their attention. Then the smooth flow of the message carries them along, still watching and listening right to the end. At this point they are much more likely to take action.

Make no mistake. The video production script is the single most important part of any corporate video production. You can begin by drafting a basic outline of your ideas. Then sit down with your video producer and creatively brainstorm what the script needs to be. Your producer should then be able to come back with a fully documented script. One that makes your video work for you – and your audience.

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