What we do

Everything we do centres around the creation and deployment of video content for business applications.
Video Production: for Communicating, Promoting, Training, Explaining and Story-telling.
Interactive Video: Enabling your website or portal app to deliver personalised content in real time.
Video Marketing: Attracting your target audience with content that evokes a direct response.

Video Production

Working with businesses and brands to create engaging video content, from concept design and scriptwriting to filming, editing and promotion.


Interactive Video

Our Interactive Video Solution enables your website or web portal app to show personalised video content in real time, resulting in unique user experiences.


Video Marketing

Effective video marketing campaigns and video SEO, designed to attract and engage your target market, and evoke direct response.


Skills Development

Megatrend VCMS training provides essential video production and video marketing skills for business owners and budding entrepreneurs.


“I have partnered with the Megatrend Media team on a broad range of video projects over the past years.
They have taken the time to understand our business and apply fresh creative ideas to communicate our message clearly and effectively to our target audience. Megatrend Media has been key to our success at Percipience.”
Peter Borner, Founder and Managing Partner, Percipience llp
Video Production Services for Businesses in the South East

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